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Bridesmaids and bachelorettes come from all over to shop with us and as soon as you start exploring, you’ll see why!

Here’s the deal: Bash House is dedicated to helping you create THE most amazing wedding experience. We've been at this for quite a few years and we know exactly what you need to pull off the most unforgettable bachelorette party. This website is so much more than a place to buy (gorgeous) goodies for your wedding party, it’s an online boutique built to make memories.

Maybe you’re looking for a few favors for your own bridal party or maybe you’re an amazing Maid of Honor looking to surprise your bride. Either way, you’ve got modern tastes, a sense of style that is unparalleled and you know how to party. You’re ready to bring your bash to life and Bash House will be with you every step of the way.

xoxo Jenny

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